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Bokashi Ball Project implemented in Nongsarai Community by APYE Fellows

After each APYE program, we have around 20 - 28 proposals as the output of the program. These projects address existing social issues in Local Communities that partner with APYE for Local Immersion. Not stopping creating impact after 2 weeks exchange, APYE Fellowship program is designed as a post-program aims to bring those proposal into implementation with the community. The program will focus on the working collaboration between APYE Alumni and Local people in the community to accelerate project ideas into prototyping and implementation.

Bokashi Ball Project addresses Water Management issues in Nong Sarai Community. Bokashi Ball is an organic bio water purifier to help eliminate contamination in water sources. APYE Fellows Jun Kanoktanyarat from Thailand, and Nayab Mir from Pakistan have been working intensively to have an Agreement with Nong Sarai's local authority to run Bokashi Ball project, with detailed work plan presented to the community and have Baan Nongsai's community leader to work with them as local project coordinator.

Jun in Nong Sarai making the first batch of Bokashi Ball

The team identified a testing Pond to prototype the Bokashi Ball, and proceeded to collect waste water from the pond for quality test. They have also made 140 balls in just ONE DAY! These ball will be released in the Pond and will purify the contaminated water to be usable in household.

Mixing organic ingredients for Bokashi Ball

Each of the Ball is handmade

Bokashi team also partnered with Community Developers in Nong Sarai who are working in Landscape improvement, in order to identify further challenges and opportunity to scale their project.

The Bokashi balls will need to be dry for 10-15 days, then they will be tested in the sample pond. The result is expected to show after 10 days. If the outcome shows positive changes in the quality of water, the team will make more Bokashi Balls to test in other river, canal and water sources.

Bokashi Balls waiting to be dried for 10-15 days

By the end of 3 months Fellowship Program, the team hope to gather feedback from the community and improve the formula of Bokashi Ball. They will also finalize their business model idea and suggest a long-term implementation plan for Nong Sarai community, as well as conduct workshop for people to produce more Bokashi Ball.

Making Bokashi Ball is a fun process!

APYE is proud of your resilient effort in making a change for Nong Sarai!

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