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"SMART" Waste Management in Myanmar with APYE Alumni Min Monmyat

Following Min from Myanmar, who is SCP Youth Ambassador for United Nations Environment Asia-Pacific, and Technical Expert at SMART Myanmar Project.

Min (in the middle) during her Sustainable Industry Workshop

Her job is to help consult the industry on Environmental Management System to be sustainable. She advises factories on Solid Wastes Management and Chemical Management. Industrial chemicals and untreated wastes are one of the main contaminators that affect the environments and cause different types of pollution, such as water pollution from dye chemicals, soil pollution, and many more.

Min delivering awareness training to sewing workers on 3R system

Min (left side in purple dress) is explaining Environmental impacts of factory to managers

Min (in pink shirt) is delivering Industrial Solid Wastes Management training to factory's Improvement Team

Min's task is to consult factories, including onsite assessment with corrective action plan and training for workers. Occasionally, she conducts the workshops on current industrial environmental situation and raise environment protection awareness during the training. As SMART Myanmar Project is an EU-funded program on garment and textile, she's focusing in clothing and other related production plants.

Min is conducting onsite Factory assessment on Chemical Management

One of Min's SCORE workshop to raise awareness on resource efficiency

APYE proud of you and keep up for great work for our environment!

Min and her team at the very first APYE Thailand in January 2017

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