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APYE Alumni - Kenneth J. Tua speaks at SDGs Festival at National University of The Philippines

Kenneth J. Tua participated in APYE Thailand, January 2018 program, as a winner of Hanyang University Scholarship. He and his team went to Saladin Community for local immersion during APYE, where his team developed Thoroughfare (SaTho) Project, a low-cost hybrid cultural mini-bus with a tourism strategic transportation plan centered in SalayaTown, Thailand.

He said the team was inspired by the Song-Taew which is a popular choice of public transportation in the area which contribute in transport the local, tourists and Mahidol University students around the area. The Song-Taew or mini-bus will be redesigned and adjusted to be powered by hybrid system, solar power panels will be installed on the roof of the mini-bus. The travel routes has been designed to connect Saladin, Salaya and Mahidol University.

Satho Project is live at Global Innovation Exchange at:

After APYE Thailand ended, Kenneth received an invitation from National University in The Philippines to participate as a youth speaker at SDGs Festival 2018, organized by the university students. He was asked to present about “Youth Power” in driving the future toward prosperity, by using the Sustainable Development Goals as a key framework to achieve such milestone.

“I want to evoke that youth and the people in general have so much potential in creating greater impact with the SDGs” - said Kenneth.

Kenneth delivering his talk during the event

Kenneth's sharing about APYE social innovation project was meant as a tool to encourage the attendees that young people like themselves also have such power and potential in creating similar impacts to the society using by using SDGs.

"Defy limits, create more time and accomplish the impossible" - Kenneth hopes that more young people would one day believe in their capability to defy against the odds and contribute in establishing their beloved home or potentially the world toward a sustainability.

Kenneth and other APYE Alumni, and student participants at the event

Moreover, he also discussed volunteerism and active participations on community development programs in being able to do more good to our fellow citizens and constantly being a model of catalyst of change in our society. He wants to emphasize that “small steps” of actions with a big picture in mind can “actually” create a “greater impact”, only if you have the initiative, willingness and the courage to take those small steps.

We're proud of you Ken! Keep up your amazing journey!

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