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"Better Call Law" Project launched by APYE Thailand Alumni Team SDG 16

Learn more about the starting up social business idea "Better Call Law" launched by APYE Thailand Team SDG 16 for "Peace, Justice and Strong Institution"!

SDG 16 Peace, Justice and Strong Institution

Our team of 5 from Germany, Australia, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Thailand has been in BangNamPeuong, Thailand at January 2017. Our aim there was to discover existing social problems in this rural area, to listen to their voices and propose a social business plan with the ultimate aim to give back and help the people there.

BangNamPeoung lives a lot of helpful, friendly and socially conscious people, but just one thing: LAW HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE THING THAT FRIGHTENS THEM. We are living in the 21st century, where Law in the international world has always been known to be PROTECTIVE of the people, not a HARM. But BangNamPeoung shows the opposite case.

Insight of this, we proposed a social business called: BETTER CALL LAW It is a law internship program for local Thai law student who lacks internship experience in law field, to go to rural places of Thailand and teach their fellow national citizens the beauty and truth of law. That it is here to protect, not harm. Services such as free law education and legal advice would be provided for them their daily life usage. As for partners, we would partner up with the local governments, law firms as well as universities. What local government will do is to provide us with the citizens' problem to be solved, places for consultation and education. As for law firms, it would be part of a CSR plan for them to provide law intern training for the law students to prepare them to give consultation and education to the locals. And lastly, the universities will act as a medium for us to get in touch with the law students and recruit them as our interns.

This Social Business Plan has been pitched out in UN this January, but we need more support from the social media. In the video below, we showcased some real life cases of the need of this social business to be realized in the local areas, These are the people we interviewed in BangNamPeoung, they heard about the project and they do see the need of it and supports it.

For more information or opportunities to collaborate, please do approach us. Our team with our utmost sincere would hope to launch this social business and help make impacts in the world bit by bit, problem by problem.

If the LAW cannot protect us, WHO ?