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The trip that worth more than anything else

The trip that worth more than anything else.

I was blessed to get registered as the delegate from Nepal and thanks for the entire managing teams and related concerns. I got continuous encouragement and support from my friends, SoD members friends, colleagues and members of Dolpo Society. Dolpo Society ( deserves big clap and grateful for creating an opportunity to attend such a huge and renown exchange program which is so far biggest educational and cultural exchange faced in my life. I am full of humor and I experienced lots of essential events take place in human life and particularly in the different countries. Getting an opportunity to encounter world cultures and languages group of people in a single platform is nothing more than greatest bliss.

I enjoyed learning local immersion sites, languages, cultures, land and people of Thailand. I am exhilarated by their genuine and honesty and more over their hospitality deserve my immense respect. Their treatment of guests as their niece and nephew is always an amazing experience one can see. Simple and practical lives usually Thai people have is what they make happy and good from the heart. Calm and soft languages they speak touch every individuals sense of humanity.

I am so thankful and grateful to Urban Youth Academy and different branches of UN cooperated to make it lively. This is not only am exchange but this is one of the best youth platform to come up with many solutions of the problems currently world face. None of the developmental steps can be forwarded unless every youths join together for common goals that SDG have been proclaimed to achieve up to 2030.

Homely environment created in Thailand were more than imagination and gentle and cool staffs who gave entire time without differentiating anyone are nothing more than real blessing and love and compassion that usually we talk. I encourage my local youths and specially a developing nation like Nepal, such an opportunity has to be created and youths must join actively for the issues of SDGs.

Hence, I may not have time and words to regard thankful to each and every concerns but I am so happy and great to know all the SDG groups, staffs and managing teams. I even would like to join my hands of thankful to hosts and those whomsoever relentlessly worked for us without having any uneasy. We had very talented and rich vocabularies translators and coordinators. For you all once again I would like to extend THANK YOU

Pemma Wangchen Dolpo

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